Commercial claims generally involve a dispute over the terms of a contract between businesses or the manner in which one side or the other performed the contract. Our firm has represented many clients who have found themselves in a contract dispute with another business.  These claims often are made outside of court, using alternate dispute resolution means such as mediation and mandatory arbitration. We also regularly handle such claims in court when necessary.

Favorable resolution of these types of claims can depend on a number of factors, such as, the clarity of the terms of the contract, the degree to which client performed the terms of the contract, contractual limitations on the amounts recoverable under the contract, the amount due and payable under the contract, and the client’s prospects of future relationship with the other party.  Each of these, and a variety of other factors, needs to considered and assessed before a proper strategy can be formulated.

The firm has extensive experience in drafting, reviewing and, when necessary, litigating matters involving different types of business documents, such as sales agreements, real estate contracts, leases, licensing agreements, independent contractor agreements, promissory notes, and many others.